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Vision Sensor FZ3 System

As we all know, one of the tasks of image processing that is most difficult to create images suitable for testing different parts on the same platform the original image. Aware image processing problems is crucial for solving problems related to error checking products for auto industry, OMRON has successfully applied a new technology into practice.
Image processing technology have made the ultimate dream come true.
New technologies are combined with true color processing, image processing and 3-D measurement technology has helped the solution becomes impossible possible.
To create images with high sharpness level requires the resolution of the camera must be big. In addition, processing speed requires very fast.
The system uses OMRON's FZ3 Camera with a resolution of 5 million pixels (2448 x 2044 pixels) with fastest speed photography is used in industry today. With the shutter speed is 3.2ms for a photograph in continuous shooting mode.

Image processing technology overview

Southern Vision sensor observations are extended to allow the ability to check the whole object
Wider domain observations can get photos from the synthesis of two or more cameras. For each synthetic image like this, they can be tested as a single image.

In addition, we can synthesize images in both vertical and horizontal axis, the sum will depend on the shape of the test subjects.

In addition, Omron also introduced technology paired images (Seamless matching technology) - to help himself find the same pixels of two or more images and synthesize them into one image. This new technology is also unique characteristics to the original method of image processing and read out the different attributes of the camera position at the corresponding points and automatically determine the size of them.

Automatically detect the similarities

Determining the size of the images in different conditions

Fundamental solutions for solving the difficulty adjusting to light.
Often encounter difficulties during installation and adjustment of lighting conditions due to the camera's dynamic range is limited. Therefore, the errors (bugs) can not be detected in terms of photos too bright or dim light. But we can completely overcome this disadvantage when using the camera 5 million pixels. Because the FZ3 has a large dynamic range (5000:1), it can detect errors with high accuracy even in cases where the surface has been speaker or not enough light.

Function of large dynamic range HDR (High Dynamic Range) very good resolve the existing problems while setting the brightness:

When the pixels outside the dynamic range image is blurred because of speaker or lack of light, they will be recreated accurately and clearly defined when using the camera 5 million pixels.
Speakers or dark areas can be replicated in the same light conditions (normal).
Surface treatment was speaker of the axis curve where the image sensor is unlikely to reconstruct the image.