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Network Solutions Analyze the SCADA System Design Requirements Power Plant

Analyze the SCADA System Design Requirements Power Plant

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a data collection system and supervisory control. The concept is widely used in industry and the modern factory. For a modern plant, when built and put into operation, to create products meet quality requirements, meet the strict requirements of the market, the plant should be equipped of modern machinery, to achieve standards of quality and environment, safety, productivity and savings. Therefore, the integration of plant automation is an urgent need to be out. Items of production machinery is equipped with automatic control of modern software to save fuel, electricity, labor, and ensure the accuracy of the request.

For power plants, in addition to automating the entire production line of power, managers should be provided with information on production status, equipment status, parameters of electrical products capacity of the plant, the problems related to production and transmission away ... But the level of information at different levels will be very different.

Usually divided into three levels:

Operational level (field level) is level to the engineers, workers operate and monitor the operation of equipment, process parameters set technology.
Level control (in control room): The level of automation engineers will monitor, control parameters, status of equipment and entire production lines according to the process set out by operations, monitoring the parameter table, display and control interface software (HMI-Human Machine Interface) or console (Operator Panel).
Level monitoring and management: There are 2 equivalent forms

+ Monitoring at the factory (on the run): The manager will monitor the parameters, device status and operation of the entire production line at the request via the computer interface is connected directly with the control room which can handle the production, materials and equipment status, planned production, transmission, ...

+ Remote Monitoring (at center): At the heart of the corporation, where managers can monitor and supervise all activities of the plant through the computer is connected remotely over the network. From which production planning, dispatching, sales and import.

Diagram describes SCADA systems for power plants as follows:


The information in the SCADA system to monitor drivers usually include:

Capacity of P, Q, S
The accumulated output power
Frequency, voltage
Switching status of the breaker
Terms stop
The turbines that are operating
Problem situation (if any)
Oil reserves, daily oil consumption
Production, quality gas or coal consumption, etc ...

These parameters are provided from the measuring equipment at the school, they are integrated into the controller and other information were used as input to control devices and other parameters. They also begin to monitor and computer control and displayed on the console screen (in control room), are stored in the database to create reports as needed and sent to the center through internet line. At the center, these parameters are also displayed on the GUI and stored in the database of the computer to make a report.

SCADA system equipment:

Hardware: To build the plant SCADA system to the following hardware

Industrial PC (IPC)
Ministry of integrated devices (Connect and collect data on your computer)
Network equipment (switches, routers, ...)


Monitoring software for control: Creating interface display parameters, the control interface display, data storage in databases. (Each machine has a license and under the control of the integrated I / O points)
Software monitoring and management: Display of parameters, the data stored in the database (web interface can be a navigator)
Software support: Networking, IPC-PLC connection, ...

Network connections:

The form can be used:

Lease-line transmission: The channel subscriber's own post office that allows data transmission at high speed through the terminal by traditional modems, allowing a maximum speed of 19.2 kb / s. (Own factory-private line)
Fiber optic transmission lines: Using cable to transmit data from the factory to the center (can be hired by the Post Office or pull the cable if the distance near) with distance, broadband, reliable, high speed. At each end having a optical switch to connect to the computer.
ADSL means broadband internet access, allowing high-speed data, easy access. (A public network)

Integration into the system at the center:

At the center, managers not only receive and monitor information related to power plants but also remote network monitoring and management of many other systems: the data center (the entire collection industry data specialists and integrated into subsystems of the data layer, video conferencing (tele conference), telephone exchange (PABX), Sales & e-commerce (e-commerce), consulting and Electronic services internal use and for rent ... All these services are not merely technical and also involves issues of information, management, sales, orientation, development development and value added services.

SCADA system will build fully integrated remote monitoring on the same computer at the center, the flow of data collected from the factory is stored in the database so it is possible to create the reported activities involved. However, supervisory control system SCADA still operate independently without being dependent or interference from any other system even when other systems have problems, SCADA systems still operate normally.

Issues need clarification: At each plant:

+ Controller, the entire line of systems is what? Allow remote connections via the controller or the computer.

+ There is a control room, monitoring at the plant yet? SCADA systems were built here yet?

From this new construction design details for the plant SCADA system to collect information and data from the plant center.