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Energy Saving Solutions The basic principle of energy-saving problem using inverter

The basic principle of energy-saving problem using inverter

Energy is becoming an imperial nature of current events. Reduce production costs which is important to reduce electricity costs are the producers best interest. There are many solutions to save was made, then more important than the solution used for variable frequency AC motor. This article presents the basic principle of the problem using energy-saving inverter.

From the graph for head lice:

- Download a great influence on the output voltage of the motor.

- Variable frequency adjustment automatically calculate the output voltage so that best suit the capacity load.

Computing unit controls the integrated energy within the inverter to eliminate unnecessary energy while the engine is capable of load control.

While performing in energy saving mode, the inverter will operate at the point where power is given the least.

Calculation method of the controller to save energy.

* The engine run directly, power consumption: P = (Pn / n). (1/In). f1

* When using the inverter, power consumption: P = (Pn/nf2). (1/In) .1/N.f1

Where: PN: Rated power engine.

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