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Energy Saving Solutions Energy savings for the fan in the furnace and kiln

Energy savings for the fan in the furnace and kiln

Pic12950Fans in the blast furnace and kiln technology training in the consumption of large amounts of electricity. To adjust the volume control valve is not used. Valves and valve grooves with feedback should be used when the flow rate and pressure. The way above will consume a significant amount of power. For some fans, 30% - 70% of all energy consumed for pressure control valves are not only wasting energy, reduce performance, but also cause vibrations and when ru switch van.

Inverter has completely changed the situation. Used to adjust the frequency and amount of air pressure changes can save energy and improve the reliability of the system.
Operation of the fan in the furnace systems and furnace depends on its load conditions.

P: Power motor shaft.
Q: The volume of air.
H pressure.
N: engine speed.
K is a constant.
n is the performance.


P = K * H * Q / n

Q1/Q2 = N1/N2

H1/H2 = (N1/N2) 2

P1/P2 = (N1/N2) 3


(1): H = f (Q) when N = constant

(2): Describing the wind prevented when moving through the wind pipe (valve open 100%).
Point norm A: P1 = Q1H1 = S0Q1AH1.

- - Reduced Q1 -> Q2 to reduce the valve opening, (2) -> (3) and the system operates at point B

P2 = S = Q2H2 0Q2BH2.

- Reduced N1 -> N2, curve H = f (Q) is (4) and gas is still Q2.

P3 = H3Q2 = S0Q2CH3.

Energy savings = DP = DHQ2 SBH2H3C.

Q ~ N, H ~ N2, N3 P ~. Thus when P is needed to reduce Q will decrease, à l that the basis for energy-saving motor.
If the solenoid valve opens less than 85% of the production process, we predict that after installing energy efficient systems can save 30% or higher energy.
Additionally, power-saving system has the following advantages:
- Closed-loop control systems, precision and stability.
- Motor soft start, extending the life of the equipment.
- Reduce noise and improve the working environment.
Introduction 2 line frequency for practical applications:

Inverter line-JAPAN OMRON 3G3RX

Large type used for motor power 0.4kW-400kW.
Have the advanced technical features, Vector control with PG, open loop vector at 0 Hz
Easy to use, installation and maintenance, radio noise filters, emergency stop function
Maximum engine performance while saving energy and noise
Connector block detachable control, RS-485 communication

INVT Inverter line-Chine CHF100

* Input and output

- Voltage range: ± 15% 380/220v

- Input Frequency Range: 47 ~ 63Hz

- Output voltage range: 0 ~ voltage on the norms

- Output Frequency Range: 0 ~ 600 Hz

External interface controller

- Programmable digital inputs: 4 input channels and one channel is a high-speed pulse input

- Programmable analog inputs: AI1: 0 ~ 10V; AI2: 0 ~