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Energy Saving Solutions Energy savings for the tunnel furnace

Energy savings for the tunnel furnace

Pic12998Power was acting as irreplaceable in the industrial manufacturing industry today. With the rapid development of market economy, infrastructure investments that are focused on the needs of construction materials skyrocketed in recent years. The brick construction sector in particular, a series of brick factory oven tunnels using technology was born.
All the factory still uses compressed air system fan controlled by the throttle input. So the engine still running with the capacity to the extent that the actual throttle input duocc always adjusted at 40-80%. It really is a waste when the actual engine was running a useless amount of power significantly.

Inverter has completely changed the situation. Used to adjust the frequency and amount of air pressure changes can save energy and improve the reliability of the system.

Inverter system serves as a soft start, an adjustable speed motor with infinitely adjustable features and can adjust the excess protection without sacrificing engine performance and safety. Now there is no need to adjust the throttle input, in operating rooms, workers can easily monitor and adjust the fan speed through potentiometer and control screen.
In addition to economic efficiency, they protect the inverter and engine longevity, quiet operation system reduces noise and vibration.

The system can operate in parallel with engine starter system traditionally used to boot from. When there are problems that can failover to ensure the furnace is always continuous operation.

We have experience installing many plants and in fact proved very high economic efficiency.

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Energy-saving solutions for industrial fan system

Here are some pictures we have factory installed on their frequency: