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Energy Saving Solutions Saving energy for plastic injection molding machines

Saving energy for plastic injection molding machines

Pic12949Principle of operation: melted plastic in certain temperature and pressure, which is then shaped by the mold and cooled. Plastic injection molding machines are controlled by a motor, pump oil from storage tanks. Pressure, flow speed, and direction of oil is controlled by the valve to ensure the principle of work as required.



Plastic injection molding machine includes two main blocks:

+ Bloc clamp (Clamp Unit) created to keep the mold clamping force.

+ Volume Spray (Unit Injection) to create pressure and temperature for the plastic melted into the mold.

The traditional plastic injection molding machines with the pumping rate, easy to change our speed and pressure adjustment valve. In this case, the input power did not change significantly and still consume a large percentage of energy. INVT Inverter can automatically adjust speed and volume of pumped oil supply under the current working status of plastic injection molding machines, such as keeping the mold, spraying, melt, mold opening, clamping and injection by all to achieve speed or oil pressure has to offer to pump oil at a rate appropriate load of plastic injection molding machines in any state. As a result, the energy consumption when the engine reaches the minimum operating load range, eliminating runoff phenomena, ensuring the stability and efficient operation of the engine. INVT inverter made ​​for motor soft start molding machines, improving the power factor cosf of the engine, automatically adjusts engine power output of plastic injection molding machines.


Calculating the savings using electricity in case the inverter

For example IS350 45kW motor used for plastic injection molding machines.

1. When not using the inverter

Power consumption of an injection molding machine close relationship with engine performance, molds, raw materials and other conditions. Empirically, the rate is 60% load, meaning the capacity of the device while running with main power supply by about 55% of the capacity of the engine oil pump. So the power consumption of the pump motor in this case is: 45kWx55% = 24.75 (kWh / hour).

Suppose the price of electricity is 1000VND/kWh, and operation of the device is 30 consecutive days in a month and 20 hours a day, electricity for the pump motor of the machine are:

24, = 14,850,000 VND.

In a year on electricity to pay is: 14850000 * 12 = 178.200.000VND.

2. When using the inverter

Assuming 30% power savings can be after using the inverter, we calculate the electricity savings in a month is: * 30% = 4.455.000VND/1thang 14.850.000VND.

Per year on electricity savings are: * 12 = 53.460.000VND/1nam 4.455.000VND.

Overall investment your company can be offset in the range of 6-10 months.