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Automation Servo motor type G

Servo motor type G

Many different models with the functions and activities to meet the requirements of the Servo System.

Servo System Solutions: New Series servo motors and servo controllers, for operation of your equipment reliability, accuracy, improve production efficiency. With many models to choose from, improve response and flexible control with high precision, suitable for many diverse applications.


Easy to Use

Adjust easily

Function automatically adjusts the computation load in real time and automatically sets the optimum is also simpler and reduce time to adjust.

Optimum engine choices:


Compact servo controller:


Advanced Activities


Frequency response speed has improved 2.5 times compared to previous models, the time stability and equipment quickly, mechanical speed and make quick response.

Requires high pulse frequency 4 times the old line, so position control at high speed and accuracy.

Increase the accuracy and the ability to control stability at low speeds.
Advanced features

Mechanical shock and vibration control function:


Flexible application: select position control, speed control, torque control for pneumatic applications, tension control and adjustable spray