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Automation Multichannel Temperature Controller E5ZN

Multichannel Temperature Controller E5ZN

With higher quality requirements, has used PID controllers or fuzzy, but the determination of the parameters for the control function according to different subjects take more time. Temperature controller with digital most modern features have been automated, greatly simplifies the setup process. The controllers are usually required to screen and buttons to set the parameters, that number had more and more by the demands of today's applications.

However, devices of this type usually only suitable for applications and small devices. With the big chains or complex machinery will generate new requirements:

Require multiple temperature controllers.
Each controller used a specific area.
There was general coordinator of the center console or the operator.

Controller types used for these applications must:

Can reduce cost when using multiple control loops.
Easy setup.
Stay in a place that can monitor or set parameters of all other controllers.
OMRON is E5ZN of such products, this is a type of temperature controller modules, each module has two control loops. Every additional number of control loops, the designer simply append a new module is similar to the need to expand PLC, a maximum of 16 modules with 32 control loops.


This controller is well suited for systems that require more control points. Costs for such systems is significantly reduced thanks to no screen or keyboard operation. Manipulating the display can be made from many different types of equipment:

From a screen with the key task for this controller: this screen, the setting and monitoring parameters for all 16 sets so easy. These parameters can also be copied back and forth between the sets, thus reducing initial setup time.
From computer software: all the modules are available E5ZN features RS-485 communication, so can easily do all the work over the network from a remote PLC via RS-485 connection.

Because suitable for installation in factories, E5ZN very suitable for PC manufacturers are required to integrate the controller into your computer, and saving and clearing the cabinet, creating flexibility in the design and installation and maintenance.

The main features of E5ZN:

2 temperature input (thermocouple / thermistor / input voltage).
2 control outputs (voltage or open collector).
2 auxiliary outputs for functions to be installed.
An output signal.
Has built-in RS-485 communications, allowing devices connected to 32.
22.5 mm wide, 2-channel control functions.
Installation on DIN rail.
Spirit and integral part of wiring.
Screen to set the parameters of its own options.