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Automation K3HB-X - Common signal processor and digital display

K3HB-X - Common signal processor and digital display

K3HB-X signal processors and digital display OMRON with compact size, LCD displays 5 numbers programmed change color (green / red), the function set scale changes in the price signal appropriate value displays.
K3HB-Series (Non-Pulse Inputs) Brochure 3.42 MB View/Download
User's Manual 2.99 MB View/Download
Communications User's Manual 2.36 MB View/Download
K3HB-DRT Datasheet 183 kB View/Download
Datasheet 432 kB View/Download


Sensor Clock display linear precision and high-frequency response 1 ms, sampling time of 0.5 ms
Easy to compare results using the value set when the blue states and red LED display.
Device that shows the location bar to describe the flow parameters associated with the red and the corresponding position.
0 and calculate the difference of 0.
Extended functionality including DeviceNet network.
Size only 95mm and 97mm for Model with DeviceNet network

Technical Features:

+ Voltage: 6 different bands (K3HB-XV *)
+ Line: 4 different bands (K3HB-XA *)
Common outputs