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Omron Cảm biến quang E3Z OMRON E3Z photoelectric sensor, multi fuction, small type
OMRON E3Z photoelectric sensor, multi fuction, small type

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Omron E3Z Photoelectric Sensor applications in automated control systems, are more appropriate for different applications

Sensor a small, common, voltage 12-24VDC, IP67 of OMRON

Sensitivity can be adjusted
Compact, suitable for all installation positions
Response Time: 1 ms (max)
Two types: pre-wiring (pre-wired) and M8 connector for signal output NPN or PNP
Select the operating mode switch Light-On/Dark-On by
There are sensor lights work and light stability
Sensor glow red or infrared light
Works well in harsh environments (IP67 protection level)
Standards of environmental protection and meet many international standards
Available amplifiers can be used for many different applications with large sensing distance

Convenient in applications

Wide application range, the large distance

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