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Omron Cảm biến quang E3Z E3Z-LS61 OMRON photoelectric sensors, can set the distance
E3Z-LS61 OMRON photoelectric sensors, can set the distance


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Technical Features

Select the background or object not found (Background suppression suppression -BGS/Foreground-FGS) enables detecting many different objects in the material conditions / different background.


The effects of external interference, including fluorescent light is minimized.
Red light makes it easier to locate points of light.
Almost no difference in detection distance for the different colors of objects.
Minimizing latency characteristics (hysteresis) (by 2 / 3 compared with the previous model with E3Z-LS20 4S), which allows high resolution.
The compact size as the E3Z series: using the same base price for E3Z.


The findings in the industrial packaging of cosmetics



The findings on the conveyor wheel



Detection of gum, candy on the conveyor



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