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Industrial Equipment Temperature controller OMRON E5CK temperature controller, advanced digital control type
OMRON E5CK temperature controller, advanced digital control type

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E5AK User's Manual 2.23 MB View/Download
E5CK User's Manual 1.66 MB View/Download
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Dimensions: 48x48 (mm)
Docking module structure.
High accuracy: 100ms high speed sampling (for analog input).
Some functions provided include: auto, auto and auto-Fuzzy.
EMC in accordance with international standards and safety standards.
Place the remote temperature.
Serial communications (RS232, RS422 and RS485) and analog TV output standard 4-20mA.
Controlling the location of Vale ratio.
Control Hot / Cold.
E5C-T controller can be programmed temperature settings set time.

Control Hot / Cold

- Control function and the standard hot / cold can easily switch back and forth to each other.
For example, when the driver can use plastic extruder control mode to control the standard heating or heating and cooling mode to control the heating and cooling fans.

Surface water tightness

IP65 standard against water and dust.
E5CK be used without inserting the surface moisture protection when used in food processing industry

Control the humidity and pressure

Besides the heat input can, E5CK also accept analog inputs with high sampling rate of 100ms.
In addition, combined with other sensors to monitor humidity, pressure or other parameters.
E5CK satisfies the small control problems.

Communication Functions

Ministry E5CK provides two RS232 and RS485 communication standard allows direct connection to the programmable controller.
E5EK, E5AK not only provides two standard RS232 communications, but also provide additional RS485 RS422 standard and allows transmission output value, get value function set of remote temperature so lets get and set prices temperature values ​​via the media and through the converter A / D, D / A from the programmable controller.

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