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Industrial Equipment Temperature controller E5CZ/E5CZ-U OMRON temperature controller, versatile, economic
E5CZ/E5CZ-U OMRON temperature controller, versatile, economic

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Technical Features

For general purposes:

E5CZ-R2MT: 3A relay output, 250VAC.
E5CZ-Q2MT: Output voltage 12VDC.
E5CZ-R2ML: analog input.

E53-CZ optional modules.
Power supply 100-240VAC, 24 VAC / VDC.
Output warning (2): the normally open 1A, 250VAC.
E5CZ Dimensions: 48x48x78 mm, 11 bar LED display.
Control Type: ON / OFF or 2-PID.
Multi-function input temperature, analog.
Automatically detect the PID parameters.
Get input 0-50mV or non-contact temperature sensors ES1.
Output RS485 communication.
Control hot / cold.
Sampling rate of 250ms.
Warning order and the incident controller installed.

With similar sizes  (E5AZ: 96x96, E5EZ: 96x48) View/Download

Note: Type E5CZ-U is a similar feature E5CZ more sockets 11 pins (Plug-In).

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