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Featured Products SmartStep Servo Controller

SmartStep Servo Controller

Pic12897New kind of series of OMRON SmartStep servo is a servo driven product features, suitable for applications that require high precision positioning location. This product is suitable for applications replacing the stepper motor type. Moreover, low cost (less than $ 1,000 for a complete set of drivers and motor power 400W) to put into practical application is feasible.

The main features of the SmartStep:

Transmission control with high accuracy and great speed: the servo motor and driver for controlling position, speed and acceleration of an object very accurately.
The ability to easily control and complexity than other types of servo.

SmartStep Series has two main product labels:

Servo motors are different kinds of three-phase servo motors with power range from 100W to 750W, 3000v/ph speed. All are available with encoder resolution to 2000 pulses / rev.
Servo motor controller (servo driver): a device for assisting in motor control is easy to step through the standard interface. With the servo driver, users simply supply pulse signals to control the standard driver, the driver will give signals to control servo motors accurately. With pulse control system for controlling servo system with high precision stepper motor, allowing motor control with resolution up to 0360 (10,000 steps / rev).

SmartStep from the PLC control quite easily. With a microphone as the PLC type CPM1A, CPM2A, CQM1H and the command was made available, users can program a simple motion control for SmartStep is not very difficult. But to make the position control requires more sophisticated controls such as robotic arms, robotic, portable cutting table ... you can use as big as CS1 series PLCs, CJ1 is the module dedicated to the calculation control in multiple axis positioning. The SmartStep servo drivers are available RS-422 port to interface with software for OMRON Servo monitor, so much to help the engineers in the process of building and project implementation.