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Construction supervision consultants Consultancy, design, supervision, installation services

Consultancy, design, supervision, installation services

Counseling supervision: monitoring contractors, monitoring the quality and quantity, and true techniques of design and construction schedule outlined. Directly working in the field and report to the Owner CDT. Help CDT bidding and represented CDT.

The overall positioning.

On behalf of CDT activity in all matters relating to the project.
Identify and establish relationship of CDT and reports as required.
Along with determining the objectives of the CDT project to establish a summary of the types of targets and programs for the project.
Help and advice for CDT in preparing documents, abstracts of the consultants (legal, technical and management).
On behalf of CDT to invite the consultants include the negotiation of the related costs, prepare the conditions for signing contracts (consultant)
Determine the degree of each request CDT
Confirm and check payments consulting fee.

The first phase service contract

Help and advice for CDT in the study of the feasibility of the project (hiring consultants to set up investment projects)
Prepare and guide the design and program records.
Control arrangements and coordinate meetings between designers and other consultants.
To receive information, guidance and coordination of consultants to ensure that the requirements on time and costs are always in compliance.
Consultant selection of equipment, technical skills and analytical calculations and design changes in terms of cost, time and functionality.
Ensure all licenses, certificates and similar documents are full.
Attend the general meeting if necessary.
Assist in the review, consideration of legal issues.
Ensuring the preparation of the overall design, design development, cost plans.
Prepare operations and equipment orders to ensure program requirements
Arrange settlement of interruption or deviation of any existing service which

Services during the bidding and contract documents

Preparation of general conditions of contract
Preparation of tender conditions, tender form
Recruitment consultants and a contractor appointed
Coordinate compilation of records document the procurement package
Design a management system including preparation principles and procedures that clearly define responsibilities and relationships of all parties to the bidding
Attend all meetings convened by CDT
Ensure monthly reports on quality, time and costs by the contractors and consultants to have been prepared for presentation to the CDT
Together with experts monitoring workflow
Coordinating the painting of the radio expert advice on field work with the staff responsible for the quality of contractors
Certification of the monthly payment
Supervision and management of design information sent to the contractors to ensure programs and projects
Assessment and decision to allow the relevant prolong the construction period (not caused by the fault of contractors)
Coordinate with the CDT and other consultants drafted and published all the guidelines and approval, direction, and change the same thing (to adjust the project)
Ensuring orders are made with full permits, in accordance with the construction schedule set
CDT assistance in coordinating the procurement, delivery, of goods and equipment associated with the program
Ensuring CDT received all necessary certificates upon completion of project elements and a certificate of completion of practical work to contractors

Services after the project implementation period

Inspect all work before handing over the project.
Make sure you have the necessary certification tests as well as warranty.
Make sure you have all necessary operating instructions
Ensure that the bugs will damage the contractor is treated in time they are responsible
Ensuring CDT insured damage
After all the time responsible for the damage and after completing all deficiencies repaired damage will issue the final certificate (certificate of completion)