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Omron Cảm biến quang E3T E3T small sensor inside the amplifier.
E3T small sensor inside the amplifier.


E3T-FL Model eliminate reflected the BGS. (BGS Reflective)

(BGS is the technology platform to prevent the reflection of the object)

Model E3T-ST/FT transceiver (Through-berm)

E3T Model SR-reflection mirror (Retro-Reflective)

Model FD E3T-reflective diffuse (Diffuse-reflective)

E3T-SL Model reflex convergence (Convergent-reflective)

Product line E3T-SR4

Reliable when detecting objects in the small lane lines, the device smaller and easier design.

Compact size, ideal for installation in areas where space is limited.

Prism 2mm diameter allows detection of objects through a small hole.

Advanced detection reliability when used with mirrors from the short distance.

Reliable positioning applications with axial position is the mirror reflection model.

E3T-FL innovation of small optical sensors.

Sensor size FL E3T-thin, remove the backlight sensor BGS is the thinnest on the market.

Thickness of only 3.5 mm, the error object with black / white only 15%, and the error range is 0.5mm (model E3T-FL1 []) and 2mm with E3T-FL2 model [].

For example, the E3T-FL1 [] found a stable black object in 12mm, including all animals can sense changes that are not affected by the white background with a 20mm sensor.

Omron offers BGS sensors have higher performance than reflective sensors converge.

The difference between the reflective sensor to remove the sensor and reflector BGS convergence (Convergent-reflective)

Sensor removal reflects the BGS: key factors is the light received (including two in the photodiode E3T-FL) that detects the position of the spot light feel. This means eliminating reflective sensor detects the BGS using triangulation measurements and error characteristics between black / white.

Sensor reflecting the convergence limit the distance felt by the major factor is the overlap between the rays emitted in the field of the light and normal light received. This convergence means that the sensor is affected by the reflection of the object perceived.

Advanced technology for achieving the thin sensor BGS

Flip chip technology first paste in the industry

The shape and size thin brings the ability to solve problems when installed in limited space.

Flip chip technology thin paste without the most advanced resin onto the chip to help create the structure of thin E3T-FL

E3T-FL is only 3.5mm thick matter including two circuit parts is the light at the top and signal processing IC on the bottom. The chip Flip-Chip ensure minimal space attached.

Tech fixtures with high accuracy

Tech fixtures with high accuracy has significantly shortened the installation and adjustment of the assembly.

Distance detection of E3T-FL is adjusted through the use of sophisticated technology is mounted to ensure accuracy of the lens optical axis alignment.

The light-lens-thin structure, certainly is automatically adjusted in line to make sure about how to detect vibrations in the smallest scope.

There are 4 products E3T upgraded

Type of sensor transceivers E3T-ST/FT

The long distance: 1 meter type E3T-ST and 500mm type E3T-FT

300mm sensing distance is available for both two types to be interchangeable.

Object detection as low as 0.5mm (when mounted visor with slits E39-S63/64).

The accuracy of the optical axis ± 20 for the installation to ensure reliable

Easy to distinguish from the stripe between transmitter and receiver lens.

Reflective type sensor convergence E3T-SL

Subjects found the smallest diameter is 0.15 mm.

Resistance is the background and surrounding metal objects.

Diffuse reflective type sensor E3T-FL

Subjects found the smallest diameter is 0.15 mm.

Only 3.5 mm thickness is suitable for installation in areas where little space.

Specular reflection type sensor E3T-SR

There are two different model choices.

E3T-SR2 [] with E39-R4 is the mirror distance is 200mm.

E3T-SR3 [] with the E39-R37 is the mirror distance is 100mm.

Product upgrade reliability and greater stability.

Reliable Installation

Large reduction of time installing and fine-tune the optical axis between the two sensor transmitter and receiver.

About the error of axis distribution is ± 20

Tech fixtures with high precision to minimize the vibration of the beam distribution. Light beam to get to double if the mechanical axis between the transmitter and receiver are aligned.

Reliable connection

Sensor connection protects the confusion.

Adding new functions to the output against reverse polarity. (A reverse polarity protection diode is inserted in the output, which changes the characteristics of the residual output voltage).

Reliable operation

Improved stability with mirror reflective sensor.

Using the algorithm to eliminate turbulence as the E3Z. Environment resistant fluorescent light or other light shone on the greatly improved.

Environmentally friendly

Fully compliant with RoHS standards.

Substances such as lead, mercury, cadmium block of material, plastic resins PBB and PBDE are flame retardant type bo.Nhua be packaged and used.