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Omron Bộ hiển thị số K3MA K3MA-J signal indicator OMRON
K3MA-J signal indicator OMRON


K3MA-J Process Meter Datasheet 702 kB View/Download
K3MA-Series Datasheet 1.39 MB View/Download


LCDs tend to display high with 2 color LED (red and green).
Input line / Dc much pressure range.
Easy installation using the front keys.
The average measurement function eliminates screen flicker.
The rate of change functions, automatic time to 0, start time offset.
Easy to monitor the maximum value / minimum.
Depth of only 80mm (measured from the edge of the water).
Safety coated to protect against electric shock.
Front waterproof and dust standards NEMA4X (IP66).
Often used to monitor the pressure inside the tank.

Technical Features:
+ LCD display with high, easily observed


+ The color of the numbers can vary depending on programming


+ Easy to install and adjust the parameters


+ Standard IP66 protection against dust and water suitable for food processing industry and the process requirements against dust and water

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