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Inverter INVT Inverter CHH series - High voltage inverter INVT 3KV/6KV/10KV
CHH series - High voltage inverter INVT 3KV/6KV/10KV


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Technical Features

Power range: 375 ~ 4000KVA.
Input Voltage Range: 3KV/6KV/10KV - 10% ~ 10%.
Modes: multi-level SVPWM pulse modulation.
Input frequency: 50Hz - 10% ~ 10%
Output frequency: 0 ~ 120Hz.
Efficiency:> 98%.
Input power factor:> 96%.
Torque Boot:> 50%.
Frequency Resolution: 0.01Hz.
Isolation of power: Use the transformer and cable.
Communications: Modbus RTU.
Noise level: <75dB.
Control voltage: 220V AC.
Overload capability: 120% rated current for 60s.
Degree of protection: IP 20
Cooling Method: Forced cooling.
Operator interface: touch screen.
Protection functions: Over Current, overvoltage, overload, phase error, overheating, communications, IGBT error. . .
Place of installation: Indoor.
Installation Temperature: -10 ~ 40 degrees C.
Installation environment humidity: 5% ~ 95%.
Installation altitude: <1000m.

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