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Automation Solutions Controlled constant-pipeline pressure

Controlled constant-pipeline pressure

This article will introduce a specific application of the inverter INVT pumping system with constant pressure.


To meet the requirements for water supply with constant pressure in the industry, civil as well as irrigation water saving in agriculture, the CHV160 inverter designed specifically for applications in the system water supply with steady pressure. Series inverter technology is integrated speed control via frequency, and PLC technology for the PID controller can be applied in the system under closed-loop control. The application of this frequency line in the water supply system would offer several advantages such as low cost, high-level automation, fully functional protection, easy operation and effective clear about saving water and energy consumption.

Principle of operation:

When the water supply system works automatically, there will be a pressure sensor with high sensitivity mounted on the pipe to detect the change of pressure on the pipeline due to demand caused the change, then will signal this change in frequency. After calculating and comparing with the pressure set value, the inverter will send a new command to change the frequency control of motor rotation speed of the pump rotor can be inserted or clipped in the pumping system system. So stable is the water pressure on the pipe as required.


Map work of many pump control system

Specific applications:

Suppose an application uses two water pumps with constant pressure control over frequency, the basic functions are used continuously, requires quick restart mode when the error sources to ensure continuous system. From these requirements can set the parameters as follows:

P0.01 = 1: Select the operating mode.

P1.15 = 1: Enables restart when error sources.

P2 group of input parameters in each specific application

P5.02 = 1: Afternoon turned upon.

PF.00 = 1: the basic mode of water supply.

PF.01 = 0: Source of the pressure put by some value.

PF.03 = 0: Source of pressure feedback value from analog input AI1.

PF.11 = 1: Select A pump, pump control frequency.

PF.12: Select pump type B

PF.13: Select a pump-style CB

PF.18 to PF.20: The parameters related to the current (set by the engine)

PF.25: Select input mode for a typical frequency RT1

PF.26: Select input mode for the frequency control RT2

PF.27: Select input mode for the frequency control RT3

PF.28: Select input mode for the frequency control RT4

PF.29: Select input mode for the frequency control RT5

PF.48: Choose the level of pressure

PF.49: The time period T1 begins

PF.50: The value of pressure during the period T1

PF.51: The time period T2 starts

Also you can install additional functions depending on specific application requirements.